Real Day sessions for the Holidays

So I’ve decided to hand my newborn over to my husband, pump a whole bunch of milk and get off the couch. At least for a day or two.

I'm opening up two Real Day sessions in the month of December. I've been dying to get back to making pictures of families and this is the perfect month to do it.

Real Day sessions are just that: your real day, your whole day, turned into art. And December is the perfect month to do it because we can document your holiday traditions. That may mean making cookies, picking out a tree or the madness of gift shopping. Whatever your family does, I do too, but I’ll be there with my camera, making those memories into something tangible, into art you can look at in 20 years and remember exactly how this season felt, exactly what you and your kids were up to.

It is a total holiday win, you get awesome pictures, you don’t have to change your schedule and I promise, your partner will love me too.

Listen, there are only two slots available, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Message me to secure your spot. (Click Here)

Your session will include:

     -a full day with me

     -your very own slide show to share with friends and family

     -an online gallery of your pictures

     -digital download your full size files for you to print and share

Sessions are three payments of $325, the first due to secure your day, the second due at the time of your session and the third due upon receipt of your gallery (typically 30 days after your session).

I can’t wait (seriously, I’ve been waiting for this all year)