The Best Connecticut Family Photographer

I started a 365.

toddler potty training and playing toy piano while singing in CT

This is a monolithic feat that photographers take on.

Documentary family photography featuring 3 month old baby taking a bath with dad and big sister who is washing his chin

One picture per day, every day for a year.

Lifestyle family photography in Connecticut with toddler girl reading in a window.

Not just a picture, a good picture.

Ct Candid family photography with two girls playing catch with mom.

What you may not know is that photography is a visual art like any other. Let's take oil painting as an example. An oil painter does a whole bunch of sketches before even starting their painting. Then they paint some, paint some more, fine tune it, whittle away at it, paint over some parts, add and add until it's done (not to mention, there are a lot of paintings that get scrapped).

Best Connecticut Family photographers make candid lifestyle and documentary pictures in black and white of kids playing with scooters.

Photography is the same, loooootts of pictures to make one good one.

Black and white documentary family photography featuring rear view mirror with mom taking picture and toddler in car seat reflected.

That's what makes it so addicting.

ct family photographers image of toddler in ballet clothes sitting on couch.

Anyways, a 365 is a beast, but it is a beast because of the practice and practice and practice.

Striving for greatness is never easy.

But there's no other way I can be the Best Connecticut Family Photographer

(P.S. These are my first week of pictures!)