You Did It! You found the Best Boston Family Photographer

Congratulations! There are a crapload of us, and it can be hard to choose, but, good for you, you’ve landed somewhere soft and happy where you’ll get outrageously wonderful pictures and have fun doing it.

portrait of real life boston family sprawled out on the couch in gorgeous light with unique wall art

This is Real - Family Photography for Real Life, Right Here in Boston

You see, this is not your run of the mill, let’s-all-stand-in-a-pretty (isolated bug-infested)-field-in-the-glowing (blinding)-sunset type of family photography. This is Real. I make pictures of Real Life, because that is where the true beauty of our family life rears its ugly head.

Portrait of Belmont ma kid with her hair blowing in the wind against a bright blue sky.

Almost There - Awesome Family Portraits are just a Click Away

Yup, it sounds like a contradiction, you’re thinking “how can I have beautiful pictures when the pictures are of my messy life?” Well click the link to fall into my world and learn about the life-changing magic of Real Day family photography.

Need More Details?

One of my favorite pictures of myself by my amazing colleague and friend  Anna-Liisa Nixon .

One of my favorite pictures of myself by my amazing colleague and friend Anna-Liisa Nixon.

How about Learning a Little About Me

I’m here because I’m a mom and I’m a daughter. I’m part of a family. And families mean a lot of love, and also a lot of work. And making art about families helps me understand it all a little better. It helps me learn about myself and my family and what it means to be someone’s mom. I make pictures because I want to document how all that family business feels. And I’ve discovered something pretty amazing. Spending a day with me, having those beautiful and chaotic and silly and difficult picture of Real Life does something for families, especially moms. These pictures honor Real life, they take your hard work and your struggles and your love and they put them down on paper. And the result is compassion, appreciation, falling back in love, learning new things about yourself and your family. These pictures lift families up. And that’s become my life’s work, my calling, my passion.

Candid father and son moment, picture of father and son’s legs in the kitchen in Belmont MA the son is on tip toes on a stool

 Want to see some Real Days in Action?

One of the best way to understand what this kind of photography can mean for you and your family is to scroll through a Real Family’s day, click the link below to see how your family portraits can take on New meaning this year. And don’t forget, I’m based in Belmont MA, serve the entire Boston metro area and am available for travel (I’m usually in Northern California at least once a year and we’re contemplating Italy for summer 2019.