Golden sunset portrait in Guilford at the beach

Real Days

I spend the day with you and your family, making art of your life as you live it. Real Days include an 8x10 coffee table book of your story. 


Portrait Photography

Maternity, newborn, families, couples

The typical portrait investment is $600 to $900.  This represents the average cost of designing your own collection: purchasing printed art for your home as well as all of your edited digital files, typically 30-40 images.

If you're interested in A La Carte pricing, I offer a collection of 12 digital files for $245

For portraits sessions there is no initial investment. After your session takes place, you view your images and decide what to purchase.  

Birth Photography

Birth Coverage begins with the transition phase of labor, continues through delivery and culminates with a fresh 48 session the day after delivery. Birth photography includes an 8x10 coffee table book of your story.  Expectant parents interested in Birth photography are encouraged to contact me early in their pregnancy so we can get to know one another.  I'm going to be there for you in one of the most heightened, challenging, beautiful, momentous times of your life, and I want you to be excited and comforted to have me as a part of your team.


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 coverage takes place the day after birth in the hospital as you and your family get to know your new little peanut. Fresh 48 sessions include your digital file collection.


Viewing Party

All sessions include a viewing party during which we figure out how to make these images a part of your life.  It is no easy task selecting images to print or deciding how to print and display those images.  I've assisted many clients with picking out the perfect images to put on their walls, use in a Holiday card or gift to a loved one.  An aspect of my job that people usually don't think about is this selection process. Time and again I am amazed to see how much help I can be as you sift through your images, selecting those that will grace your walls or fill your album.  Additionally, I employ an understanding of the different print and display mediums available so that your images compliment your home and lifestyle. Fitting the right image to the right product and insuring these are a beautiful match to your home is all a part of the art of my photography service.