Boston Newborn Photography Like You’ve Never Seen it Before 

Can Newborn photography start you out on the right foot?

Mother’s tender hands passes newborn baby to father.

I believe it can.

Joyful portrait of newborn motherhood in Boston Massachusetts.

After living in the world of picture-perfect and trying to live up to a lie, I learned how to get real.

Boston newborn smiles subtly with dribble of milk in the corner of her mouth.

My life as a new mother was pummeled by unmet expectations.

Boston newborn father helps mother hydrate.

Every time I tried to fit us into a box, things got harder and harder.

Parents hands tend to crying Boston newborn.

Every time I let go, things had room to get beautiful (and I had more patience to deal with the disasters) 

Real life portrait of Boston newborn swaddle and snuggled into mom’s arms.

I’m still learning that lesson. I’ll never stop.

Portrait of family life with a newborn and a toddler.

And that motherhood journey has been inextricably intertwined with my photography journey.

Boston mom exclaims in wonder at her newborn baby.

The more I’ve learned to let go of aesthetics and honor the truth in front of me, the more rewarding, perspective-altering and fulfilling my photography has become.

Boston newborn life on the couch with mom, dad, baby and yellow lab.

I’ve always dipped in and out of making photographs of newborns for their families. But it had never clicked for me until Fall 2018 when I photographed Beatrice.

Real life family photography with newborn and toddler.

I photographed her the way I wanted to. I didn’t make any pictures because I thought her parents would like them. I saw what I saw and I photographed what I was most drawn to

Dad and uncle look on as mother holds newborn baby in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood.

And it was a miracle session.

Boston Grandpa kisses newborn granddaughter.

I could finally see it. Their joy as parents. Their hesitation. They earnest attempts to figure it out and give her their everything. Their moments in between when they were hit with the fact that they’d made a person.

Boston Mom looks emotionally down at her newborn baby.

This was exactly what I wanted to make pictures of. The glorious reality of family life. And when a newborn is part of that, it is truly one of the few honestly miraculous and other-worldly events in the life of a family. 

Exhausted dad of newborn baby yawns in unique portrait of Boston Family life.

So. If your motherhood (or fatherhood or parenthood) is about more than how things look (and we know it is since you’ve made it this far) Let’s celebrate that. Let’s find the extraordinary in the ordinary of this most miraculous time for your family. 

Newborn life requires coffee for this Boston mom.

Use my contact page to send me your info and we’ll set up a time to chat about your family, your hopes and fears, your worries and excitements for your new family member and what it means to have me come make these incredible pictures with you.

Real life Boston Newborn motherhood.