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Real Days: Your Story in Pictures

Do you want to know how to make the best family pictures this year?


You make them Real.

Real Days are hands down the most fun, most memorable way to make family pictures. 

Real Day sessions are just that: your real day, your whole day, turned into art. Whatever your family does, I do too, but I’ll be there with my camera, making those memories into something tangible, into art you can look at in 20 years and remember exactly how this year felt, exactly what you and your kids were up to.

It is a total win, you get awesome pictures, you don’t have to change your schedule and I promise, your partner will love me too.

Your session will include:

     -a full day with me: I will tell your whole story, from breakfast to bedtime.

     -your very own slide show to share with friends and family

     -an online gallery of your pictures

     -digital download of your full size files for you to print and share

I only open two spots per month so if a spring garden is your jam, snap up May. If Christmas rocks your world, book December now. If your family spends August at the shore, so does your neighbor's, don't let them get your spot.

You can schedule your session for any day in 2019 (except income tax day, that's my birthday :D)

Just watch this slideshow to see how amazing it is to have your every day moments magically photographed for your Real Day Session.

See what I mean, this family knows that Real Day sessions are fun, memorable and so touching. 

One last bonus: families who book annually lock in their pricing. That means you can lock in 2018 pricing for years to come.

I can't wait to make family magic with you,


All you have to do is tell me when.

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